SALT THERAPY: How Bath Salts Help Muscle Tension And Pain

Salt comes in many sizes and colours and despite it's bad rap, it actually contains a variety of health benefits for literally every system within the body. The benefits of salt therapy can be gained in many ways, like adding bath salts to a warm bath - add some essential oils and dried herbs to further enhance the benefits. Or inhale the respiratory benefits through halotherapy - which involves breathing in air that contains tiny salt particles. Visit your local salt therapy spa for a treatment or you can purchase a device like (find halotherapy device on Amazon) for a salt therapy at home experience.

Salt Therapy At Home

We're big on self care here. So we've included a few great ways to use salt at home to cleanse, uplift and transform your body, mind and spirit without living your home. Taking a warm bath with our 100% all natural bath salts will take your bath to the next level. Each of our signature scents are designed with different needs in mind. For example, The Minimalist bath salt is simple, light, great if you’re sensitive to smells but want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Arnica and Epsom salt have been used for generations to aid in muscle soreness. Pain relieving properties of bergamot and balancing effects of pink Himalayan salt will leave your muscles feeling relaxed and happy after a long day. The Dreamer lavender and Chamomile have long been used as natural sleep aids and relaxants so when coupled with Epsom salt and pink Himalayan salt your whole body will feel rested and recharged. Last but not least The Wanderer vanilla and ylang ylang have anti-depressant and mood boosting properties coupled with Bulgarian rose petals to add a luxurious feel to your bath time ritual.

How Much Bath Salts Should I Use

Fill your tub with warm water. As the tub is filling, pour 1/2-1 cup of the bath salts under the running water to help dissolve and disperse the ingredients. Once full, sprinkle a bit on top. Relax in the tub for at least 20 minutes, inhaling in the beneficial properties of the essential oils, salts and flowers. Use the self care guide provided with your purchase after your bath to finish off your self care ritual.