The Only 5 Self Care Tips You’ll Need To Get You Through Quarantine

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If you've watched Netflix to death, created a permanent dent in your sofa and have contemplated your very existence at least a few dozen times since this whole pandemic started, then you need these 5 self care during quarantine tips! Keep reading!! It’s been about a year since the first lockdown, quarantine and social distancing have lasted about 10 months longer than I had thought it would and I’ve officially had one burnout/slash breakdown trying to keep my business from going under. Hooray 2021!!We already know that self care is important and although you have a lot more time on your hands (what with everything being closed and all),  I’m not going to give you self care tips during quarantine that you already know you should be doing like:

  • Getting more sleep

  • Eating healthy

  • Getting exercise

  • Drink more water etc etc


Today we are going deeper, because for some, this quarantine has given us time to pursue creative endeavors, finally getting around to watching Game Of Thrones (everyone gives me the side eye when I say I’ve never watched the show so I’m still working on it). But for most we haven’t been feeling very motivated to doing anything. The first 3 months of quarantine I spent in my pajamas so hopefully that helps you feel better. I have always been an advocate for self care yet I still had a mini burnout midway through December 2020 that took me 2 months of “self caring” to transition out of it into a place where I actually felt motivated and inspired to work again.


Here are the 5 self care during quarantine tips that helped me.


Stop Trying To Do EVERYTHING

Yes, you have more time than you know what to do with. Doesn’t mean you have to fill every minute of it. One thing about this quarantine is that it has forced us to slow ALL the way down. As an entrepreneur, busy mom, caregiver or student you have a lot on your to do list. Things have changed but your duties don’t stop just because there’s a pandemic. However I think it would be safe to say that 99.9% of the things on your to-do-list are work, chores or errand related, no self care right? Hey, no use lying to me, so let’s be honest with ourselves ok? You need to take time daily to do something just for you. Trust me, all of that work - cleaning, organizing and that thing you promised whoever you would do, will all be there tomorrow. Stop giving from an empty cup!


Just Say NO

 Listen, I know you are an awesome friend, sister, cousin, wife etc. so you’re always there for the people you love and that’s admirable. However, question….how many things do you say yes to out of “obligation” or “guilt” when you really want to say no? Take a page out of my book “The Introvert” (it’s a quick read) here’s the long and short of it. Most of us introverts have no problem saying no to hanging out, or plans that involve leaving the house etc. because the energy it would take to prepare plus the energy drain while we are engaging in said activities outweighs the desire to people please or be liked. Next time someone asks you to do something for them or go somewhere ask yourself “Do I REALLY want to do this or am I just afraid to say no? Typically when I am asked to do something and my initial thought isn’t "yes, that sounds fun" or "yeah I could totally do that for you", I tell the person that I can’t give them an answer right now and depending on the urgency, I tell them when I will be able to do so, (hours, days, weeks etc). Then I ask myself the question above: "Do you really want to do this Sarah?" I follow my intuition and if it says "nope", then I don’t do it. Now please bare in mind, if what you are being asked to do is your responsibility this isn’t permission to be negligent…..HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS! However if this is optional, then do what feels right to you.


Treat Yourself DAILY

First off you need to stop looking at self care as some big thing that you only save for special occasions. Having a spa day is great but it doesn’t have to be that. Self care is simply taking care of yourself. That could look like you taking a walk to clear your mind, sleeping in on the weekends, or enjoying a glass of wine. It can be as grand or as simple as you want as long as you are centre of attention during it. Example, I love going for night walks in Toronto, the city is so beautiful and calm at night and I love seeing all of the lights. I also happen to love bubble tea so when I go on these walks, more often than not I’m enjoying one. It’s a small thing but those walks are just for me. I get to de-stress, clear my head after a long day and get some much needed fresh air.  Make it a practice to do little things throughout the week just for you. Your mental health will thank you for it.


Become LESS Accessible

This tip plays off of tip #2 a bit. If you are one of those people that respond to every text, email, notification or phone call as soon as it comes in, then make sure you don’t skim through this tip. Your energy and time are precious. Every time you give it to others you have less for yourself. Seeing how this post is all about YOU, we might want to reserve some of it for ourselves. So here’s an easy place to start…….TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR PHONE!! I have set up my phone so that only texts and alerts for client bookings notify me. No emails, no Whatsapp and no social media. I get to those things when I feel like it. Besides it is counterproductive and very distracting when your phone is constantly going off. When you turn off the distractions you can get more of the “important” things done. Like taking 10 minutes to mediate in the morning. So turn off all non essential apps until further notice.


Go Easy On Yourself

This tip is a constant struggle for me but I work on it everyday especially after burning out last year it became a new mantra of mine and I hope that it will be one of yours too. I am all for hustling, grinding, working hard and smart it’s a necessary ingredient if you want to reach anywhere. In saying that just remember that although you have a lot more “ free time “ it doesn’t mean you have to fill it all with achieving more, having more and doing more. You don’t have to become fluent in French, read 100 books this year, get fit, lose weight, gain weight, hit 6 figures, find your soul mate etc. It’s ok that 2020 didn’t go according to your plans and 2021 is shaping up to be pretty lackluster as well. It’s…..ok. Don’t beat yourself up because you said you were going to workout 3 days a week but the only muscle that you’re working out is your thumb. It’s ok. I came to the very real realization that if I didn’t stop trying to achieving everything all at once (as if I was running out of this construct we call time) I would become an unmotivated, unproductive mess (i.e who I was literally 1 hour before I started writing this post). Beating yourself up, calling yourself names like lazy, stupid, basic whatever, is not serving you. It's ok that you didn’t do everything you said you would. It’s ok to take time to rest, reevaluate and reset. One of the most important things I have taken away from the last year is that I need to start putting Sarah first. Sarah needs to be happy, rested, secure and inspired so that she can show up for others. If you’ve reached this far and you still don’t see that you deserve the happiness, comfort, joy, ease , kindness and love that you so freely give to others ……………..then go back to the beginning of this post and READ IT AGAIN WOMAN!!


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