5 Ways to Relieve Neck Pains

Stiff neck? Chronic neck pain? Always sore and achy? Neck pain is no joke and very annoying when everything you try to do to fix the issue feels nice but doesn’t seem to last more than a day or two. If this is the first time you’re visiting our site, then know that what I’m about to tell you is coming from 10 years of experience helping my clients manage and alleviate pain. So no sugar coating here, because you need results! If you take consistent action towards eliminating or decreasing the activities that are causing or making your neck pain worse, you will see long lasting results. When you address the problem (cause) then the symptoms usually take care of themselves. Now that we got that out of the way let’s jump right into 5 ways to relieve your neck pain. 


Improve Your Posture 


I know you don’t want to hear this but your poor posture is contributing to your neck pain. Awesome, glad we got that out of the way. So how do I fix it Sarah? It takes time and it feels awkward in the beginning but it’s well worth the effort. Besides have you seen the way you look when you’re hunched over? Not cute. Here are some great exercises to help you start correcting your posture. Start adding them to your weekly routine. Thank me later!


Regular Massage Therapy Treatments

Massage Therapy is a great self-care tool to add to your arsenal. In a treatment session I will assess your current state and release tension and reduce pain. My biggest tip when it comes to adding Massage Therapy to your regimen is to spread them out throughout the year. Don’t wait until you feel pain, go a few times and stop. Wellness is a lifestyle. Remember that! 

If you want to experience the short but even better the long term benefits of Massage Therapy, you need to adopt it as part of a healthier lifestyle where you’re taking care of the vessel that allows you to walk the earth and do the things you do. If you’re in the Toronto area, book an appointment with me or one of our other experienced RMTs today. Easy online booking!!  


A Little TLC…….a.k.a Self-Care

Aside from Massage Therapy there are other things that you can do at home on a regular, if not daily basis to help relieve your neck pain. Here are a few great things you can start incorporating into your weekly routine: 


These are just a few things but there are so much more you can do at home in between your Massage Therapy treatments. Try one or all today and keep the ones that your body response well to! 


Get Moving Honey!

It’s time to getting moving and I’m not talking about driving to and from work, or running errands. Nope. I’m talking about activities that you actually enjoy and that get your muscles moving and stretching in ways that differ from your regular day-to-day movements. I live in the city and I love to walk. So any time I get a chance I take some time to go for long walks in nature or just around the city. It’s great for my body and my mental wellbeing too. So If you love swimming, swim! Don’t sign up for yoga classes, if yoga doesn’t appeal to you. Try activities that you’re interested in, just make sure you’re moving your body. If you love it, you’re more likely to stick with it.


Get Stronger

Now I’m not saying you have to go beast mode or anything but understand that if you build your muscles (get stronger) your body will thank you for it. For example, weak abdominal muscles contribute to low back as well as neck pain. Without going into all the anatomy, you need to understand that your muscles work together. So basically when a set of muscles is weaker or under used it puts stress on other muscles groups which ultimately leads to pain and dysfunction. So don’t be afraid of weight training. Do your research to make sure you’re doing the exercises properly, go to a class or hire a trainer. 

There are even more ways to help relieve neck pain. But the ones above, if done consistently will have long lasting effects. Remember these tips will help you however ultimately you need to really evaluate your day to day life to pinpoint the habits that are contributing to your neck pain and start taking the necessary steps to eliminate them as much as you can.