Couple's Massage Classes

Have you ever just needed a quick back, neck or shoulder massage after a long day? 
You ask your partner, roommate or friend and although they tried, they just couldn't get that knot?
Or maybe you want to give your partner a massage but 5 minutes in you're tired and in need of a massage yourself?

Learn how to give the most relaxing and effective massage from a Registered Massage Therapist who has been releasing and relieving tension, pain and stress from her clients for nearly 15 years.
Owner, Registered Massage Therapist

Sarah Watson has been practicing Massage Therapy in Toronto for 15 years and prides herself on creating an experience for her clients, not just giving a massage treatment.

From the simple and calming atmosphere she creates in the studio to intuitively tapping into her clients needs and wants on a physical and energetic level, Sarah's goal is to aid your body, mind and spirit in healing itself.

Incorporating elements of Thai massage and Reiki as well as her knowledge of aromatherapy, sound and colour therapy, Sarah uses her intuitive and empathic gifts to help your body feel relaxed and de-stressed, mind clear and spirit feeling balanced again. You won't leave the same.

What You'll Learn In This Class

  • How to release your partner's most stubborn knots without hurting yourself or getting tired

  • Acupressure points that help melt away stress and anxiety

  • Massage techniques that you can use at home or on the go that are gentle on your hands and get the job done

  • Stretches, self care and techniques that you can implement at home to alleviate chronic pain and tension

  • How to effectively communicate with your partner which will help you both understand your needs and wants - key ingredient to an amazing massage

  • About the human body and how it effects and is affected by our emotions and day to day stressors

Upcoming Classes

Saturday August 5th @ 10am, 1:15pm & 4:30pm
Sunday August 20th 2023 @ 10am, 1pm & 4pm
Monday September 4th 2023 @ 10am, 1:15pm & 4:30pm

Benefits of Taking a Massage Class

  • Touch therapy is great for bonding, connecting with your partner and intimacy

  • Get one on one guidance and instruction from a trained professional who can tailor massage techniques to your partner's needs

  • A safe, non judgemental space where you and your partner can asks questions and receive guidance specifc to you

  • It's great date idea and adds some much needed self care for you and your partner

Your Massage Class Includes:

  • This class is 2.5 hours

  • Small class size. Your own private room. Only two couples per class.

  • Each partner receives a demo treatment from Sarah Watson, RMT showing you techniques to use on your partner

  • Each partner gets time to implement the techniques that Sarah taught them on their partner plus ample time to ask questions and get feedback

  • Light refreshments and snacks provided

  • Each partner receives a 30 minute RMT receipt that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement (VALUE: $75 + HST)

  • Each couple receives a gift from us to continue the relaxation at home

What clients say

Sarah's massage class for couples exceeded our expectations. A unique Valentine's Day date, and we learned a lot too! Sarah is very knowledgeable, highly skilled, and her warm manner put us at ease right away. We'll be back!

Karen. H

$170 + tax/person
(after insurance reimbursement, only $95/person)