Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Life Coaching

We all understand the importance of taking care of our mind, body and spirit. At Aligned One Wellness we support your journey by offering alternative and intuitive medicine and therapies as well on on and offline resources to add to your self care routine, which includes Yoga and Spiritual guidance.
Perhaps you aren't sure if you need spiritual guidance. Below are some of the benefits of working with a Certified Yoga Teacher and/or Spiritual Coach:

• Uncover your divine life purpose and stop feeling like you're just surviving through life
• Receive heightened insight into your personal gifts, strengths, and weaknesses which will help you navigate more clearly and confidently through life's ups and downs
• Learn tools to find inner balance and resilience through life’s challenges
• Release fear and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in your career, life and relationships and more

Our teachers tap into universal energy and laws, helping you to eliminate stress, anxiety, face your fears and overcome life's challenges.